IT Outsourcing Services&Team Extension

To deliver software solutions faster, add our software developers, business analysts, and QA specialists to your team.

If you don't have specific expertise in-house, can't find the right talent locally, or recruiting takes too long when you're trying to build new features and grow your business, team extension is the service for you. Our team of experienced IT specialists is here to assist you in completing your project on time.

IT Outsourcing Services – Empower your team with our experience

Digital Future Lab can help you expand your software development team with dedicated specialists. We've been assisting businesses in a variety of industries with augmenting their teams with our experts to meet the demands of their unique products.

  • Web Development

    Web Development

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

  • QA & Testing

    QA & Testing

  • UX / UI Design

    UX / UI Design

  • Cloud and DevOps

    Cloud and DevOps

Benefits of IT Outsourcing Services & Team Extension


Access to highly skilled developers

The main benefit of team extension is that it gives companies access to a large talent pool of experienced developers with a variety of skill sets. Even if you live in Silicon Valley, finding something similar on the local job market is nearly impossible. Team extension makes it easier to find and hire the right people, especially if you work with a provider who has years of experience in this field.


High scalability

Another advantage of team extension is the scalability it offers businesses. It's difficult to build an in-house development team, and it's even more difficult to scale one. This is especially true for rapidly growing businesses that need to release new features quickly but don't have the resources to do so. Once you've partnered with a provider, you'll have access to a pool of candidates who can start working on your project in as little as a few weeks. You won't have to waste months searching for and hiring the right people.


Greater control over the team

Team extension offers you greater control over the entire project and allows you to maintain direct communication with the team. You’re the one to distribute responsibilities to all team members, whether in-house or offshore. While your strategic competencies stay in-house, you get the benefit from accelerated development thanks to the specialists you hire via team expansion.

Who can benefit from team extension?

Team extension services are popular among companies that find it difficult to source and recruit the right tech talents within their set timeframe and budget. They need some extra skills for accelerating the development of their projects or want to cover absences caused by the holiday season. Either way, recruiting new talent takes just way too much time.